About me

I am a lazy programmer. Too much of a perfectionist for my own good. Pretty terrible at anything that isn't programing. Especially cooking. And life. I'm not entirely sure why I have this page, but for as long as I remember everyone had one, so might as well. I could try blogging again, but I always get bored after one or two posts. No idea how people manage to keep blogging for years.

I dabble and experiment a lot in various different technologies. I specialise in doing absolutely nothing, though (I could sleep forever). For personal stuff, I tend to use Haskell, C# and Python. Currently employed.

Everything I write myself (and manage to get to usable state), I release as free and open software. I dislike any kind of restrictive licensing, including GNU GPL and its offshoots. Apache/MIT license all the way. (Plus, releasing commercially on my own would mean a lot of effort, and I just can't be bothered.)

Don't mail me your programming woes and questions. Ask on Stack Overflow or something. TIA.

Update 2013-11-23

I did a Security Revamp Day (tm) and during the process changed usernames on some services:

I've also generated a new PGP key, with better parameters (4096R/SHA2). Both keys sign each other, and also this page. Nobody cares about any of this, but I'm a huge nerd so there it is.

Related to the key change, I'm no longer sending mail from my old email address (included in the old key).